Our Impact

Our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Open-Source Print and Protect (OPP), was founded on April 7th and is a 100% student-initiated and run organization — no teachers or adults. Since then—between our online schoolwork, eating, and sleeping— we have manufactured and delivered over 7000 face shields to more than 150 different facilities—completely free of charge. 

Face Shields for Poll Workers

“We would like to thank the Wakulla County Health Department HealthyFla for providing face masks, Open-Source Print & Protect – OPP for providing the face shields, Anheuser-Busch for their donation of hand sanitizer, and Hanes for their donation of soft face masks! We are very humbled by your giving, thank you!”

Wakulla County Supervisor of Elections

As the November elections approached amidst an unforgiving pandemic, donated face shields (PPE) to poll workers around the nation. As a small group formed in Santa Clarita, CA, we donated to different counties in seven different swing states for this upcoming election, including Florida, Texas, and Wisconsin. In the process of setting up these orders, we reached out to hundreds of counties in order to ensure we found ones that truly need the help.

The OPP Leadership spoke to Jennifer McGraw of KTLA about the organization’s progress as of August 2020.

Our Design

The custom OPP face shield is a modest but significant refinement upon the existing face shields that inspired it. We aimed to improve practicality without sacrificing any quality in other important aspects — such as comfort.

How You Can Help


We are hoping to increase production by recruiting others, buying more materials, and decreasing the production time of our design so that we can deliver to even more facilities. For that reason, we have a strong need to spread the word and increase our fundraising. If you have the means, any contribution you could make to our cause would go a long way in enabling us to continue serving our community to the greatest possible extent.

Skye Bottle

Skye Bottle, an SCV-based company started by the Manalang family and run by their son Tristan (who is a printer for OPP), is the fundraising partner of our organization. Skye Bottle sells a variety of affordable products that represent an effective blend of style and practicality. Skye Bottle has generously offered to donate 25% of the proceeds from each bottle sold in order to help fund our efforts, so visit their website to buy yours today!