Our Design

A 3D render of our custom face shield frame design
Benefits of the OPP Face Shield

Our face shield’s greatest advantage is that a new visor can easily be created with a 3 hole-punch and transparencies (such as projector film). The OPP hole-punch face shield frame took inspiration from other models available online such as the Prusa RC3 and 3DVerkstan face shields. While these models are certainly great, we built on them to create a more convenient model without sacrificing strength and comfort. We applied the principles of value engineering to design an effective face shield frame that features a remarkably convenient 3-hole punched visor and an elastic band for adjustability.


Our face-shield just requires a three hole-punch and an elastic band to assemble. Any laminating film, projector film, or comic protector works well. The visors come delivered and punched; however, if at any point the visor needs to be replaced, this can be done easily with little hassle or expense.


The frame itself is lightweight and comfortable with the help of the elastic band. The design will not squeeze your head from the sides to stay on; the user can adjust to whatever is most comfortable.


This design does not have thin crevices or a multitude of surfaces that are difficult to clean, where dirt or bacteria could accumulate. This provides for good reuse-ability. When the visor gets dirty, it can either be cleaned or simply replaced. The shields are designed to last.

Applying the Principles of Value Engineering

Standard Parts

  • We looked into Plexiglas for the visor which was expensive and difficult to work with
  • One 3D printed frame, a hole punch visor, and elastic
  • All very easy to access and replace
  • Elastic can be substituted with a rubber band if difficult to obtain

Elastic Band Analysis

Maintained the elastic band after a failure mode and effects analysis:

  • It is essential that the frame can fit perfectly for ALL users because the result of falling off is extreme
    • Low to moderate likelihood without elastic, but DIRE consequences if the face shield were to fall off in an exposed situation
  • Comfort is essential, especially in the event of long-term use
    • These make the trade-off of the extra component (the elastic band) worthwhile

Reduced Weight

  • Uses less material
    • Can print more units faster to help more people
    • Less material means lower cost
  • Easier to ship and pack
  • Weight reduction did not sacrifice comfort and adjustability

Removed Unnecessary Features

  • The face-shield was reduced to three optimized basic parts: a frame, punched visor, and elastic
  • Removed crevices and flares that look nice but inhibit cleaning and reuse-ability
  • Further combination was deemed harmful to our goals after our failure mode and effects analysis (shown in the middle)